Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Working For A Cause (you don't believe in)

I've been doing some consulting as a web developer at night to bring in a bit of extra money. One job is paying a pretty generous $25/hour. For a couple of hours a night I don't mind the programming. The dilemma I have is that the work is for a company I don't approve of. It's a MLM company.

They sell some sort of amazing cancer curing, hair restoring, kidney cleansing, life changing beverage (which hasn't had any FDA trials, of course).

I hate MLMs* and I initially resisted doing work for them. Where do I draw the line though? I wouldn't make a website for a brothel or drug dealer at any price. How about for a scummy used car dealer?

There are certain things which are black and white. Any time people get involved though, things turn gray rather quickly. I still have a preference to not do work for MLMs, but I don't think I could get enough jobs working for world saving charities either.

* I realize that they're not technically scams or pyramid schemes. So many of the people doing them though seem to think that they're going to get rich quickly from them. Also, I hate dubious health claims which is what most of the MLMs are about around here.

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