Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Job Interview

Today I interviewed for the job I mentioned in "What Am I Worth?". Overall the interviews went pretty well. There were three interviewers, one attending via phone. I certainly did better with the in-person interviewers than over the phone.

The company is something of a cube farm company but I'm optimistic that it'll be a good experience, assuming I get the position. I should find out if I get to have the second and final round of interviews within a week.

I ended up asking for $60,000 per year. I choked and didn't play the 'how much could you offer?' game like I should have. I'll try harder when we move in January. My current position is dull enough that I'll take a non-maximum salary to switch positions.


Interviews are always fun in a way. I get nervous and a bit queasy, but the task of trying to relate my life experiences to the questions they ask is always an interesting challenge. My resume was prepped to help me this time, as I included several non-work projects I've done in the experience section. In the past I wouldn't have included them since I wasn't paid, I didn't have a manager, and they were relatively short term. They did use technologies tangentially related to this companies offerings though, so it ended up helping.


GM said...

Your blog made my google reader.

I give you props with the interview process. I just graduated and interviewed my last semester and with school work you can imagine how tough it was (I bet you went through it yourself). I think you made the right move by stating what you want. It shoes that you have confidence in yourself. By the way, where do you live? You're salary has a lot to do with not how much you think you are worth but what the standard of living is like in your area.


Rich said...

Thanks for the comment and add GM,

I'm currently living in the western US. Our very-involved and very-statistics-loving guidance counselor told us (my graduating class) that the average salary for students leaving the program was $50,000/year, which is what I was making after a pay raise in December.

I'm pretty sure that some of my classmates who stuck around will be making more than me, but not many of them. My classmates who went off to Exxon or Microsoft are probably making a bit more, but are in more expensive areas of the country.

GM said...

I'm making $59K right out of college. But like we both know, cost of living. I'm moving down to DC (Ouch, I know!). My initial plan was to have my own place after living with 3 other guys in a 2 bedroom apartment. Kind of want my own place after that period of my life, if you know what I mean

My goal now is to find a roommate this month for my move down in August. Looking for a 2BR/2BA so I still get the privacy I want. I'm hoping to pay $800-$900 / Month.

Since you've been out in the "real world" what do you think of my financial situation compared to yours? Will I make it (lol)?!?!?

Rich said...

I should think so, even in DC, especially since you're single. Having a wife and kids is great, but it does cost quite a bit more, especially since my wife is getting her MBA.

I should think that even with the greater expenses in DC you should be able to have a nice standard of living ok $59K.

You should also have access to some nice money saving features in DC like OTA digital TV, a decent mass transit system and lots of free museums to visit for dates and recreation.

Where I'm at we get one English digital TV channel and the tansit is poor.