Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why You're Paid Job Model (Part 1)

This is my job model. There are only three reasons people pay you:

a) Who you are (celebrities, famous speakers, successful CEO, etc.)
b) What you do (Flipping burgers, programming, etc.)
c) What you make (Books, music, programs, etc.)

Any given job can be a mix of the three. Each of these pay-reasons has different benefits and down sides to it. We'll hit the benefits and downsides tomorrow. Today, an explanation and examples of each reason.

Who You Are

If you get paid because of your reputation, looks or past successes then you are paid because of who you are.

Examples of Who You Are Jobs

Paris Hilton - No redeeming qualities whatsoever.
A successful CEO - hired for his name so that investors feel comfortable with the start up company.
Steve Jobs - People hang on his every word because he's Steve Jobs. Any other Apple employee making the same announcements wouldn't draw the same interest.
Programmers - When they're paid because they're famous (eg. Joel Spolsky)

What You Do

If you get paid for showing up, for doing specific tasks or serving people you job includes What You Do elements. Examples of What You Do positions include:

Examples of What You Do Jobs

Garbage men
Programmers -- when programming for pay
Burger Flippers
CEOs who can actually turn around a company
Skilled laborers

What You Make

If you are paid for the product, art or other creation of yours, your job is in this category.

Examples of What You Make Jobs

Artists (unless their art sells because they're famous)
Programmers -- when selling a program they've created
Skilled laborers

Tomorrow I will discuss the pros and cons to each of these three pay-reasons.

Part Two : The Pros and Cons of Each Job Type

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Brack said...

an excellent series! I look forward to the next installment!