Monday, June 9, 2008

Wii Fit, Gym Membership, Stroller or Something else?

Weight Weight, Don't Tell Me

I've hit a weight floor it seems. I've gotten down to 215 pounds (From a new-years weight of 240) three times now, and each time I'm back at 220 a few days later. I realize that I should expect fluctuations, but this has been over a three week period, so I'm starting to worry that I'm going to have to change my methods a bit more.

My weight loss plan thus far has mainly been eating less and eating more responsible foods. I have been playing more sports than I did last year, but no one would ever call twice a month a workout plan.

Added to the mix is the fact that my wife is now fully recovered from the baby we had two months ago, and is also wanting to lose weight. We've both agreed that we need to be more active to achieve our goals, the question now is : What form of activity would fit our lifestyles the best?

What would you get?

In an ideal world an exercise purchase would :
  • Cost very little

  • Be usable any time day or night

  • Be something we could do no matter the weather

  • Be fun

  • Would let us work around the kids

  • Help us lose weight

  • Be something we could do together

  • Be something we could do outside

The current candidates are : A Wii Fit, A gym membership or a double stroller.

The Wii Fit fits most of those options, but we're afraid we'd get bored, we're not sure if it would actually burn enough calories to make a difference,

A double stroller would let us go running / walking outside, but winter here involves snow and ice, and it rains from time to time too. We're not entirely comfortable walking around our neighborhood at 1:00 AM when we're done with projects either.

A gym membership would be fun, and they'd watch the kids, but a family pass at the local rec. center is $30/month, more than we'd like to be paying.


I don't think there is anything that will perfectly fit our needs, and we're ready to compromise. The question is where to compromise. Do we compromise on cost with a gym membershipt? Do we decide we'll get a stroller and use it now through October (when it will get too cold)? Do we get a Wii Fit with the risk that we won't like it or that it won't be effective enough?

What would you do in our situation?

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James said...

The Wii Fit should inspire exercise, but I personally don't see it as an "end all" solution for losing weight. There are a bunch of fun mini-games that come with the Wii Fit that keeps things interesting for awhile and it tracks your progress every time you use it. I can't vouch for a gym membership - too expensive for what I like to do (just jog) - I actually used to jog at a park after work for 45 minutes, which yielded the best results as far as weight loss. Now I jog at a fitness room in the same building as my workplace.