Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Good Books In the Home

When I was a kid I liked to read. I would read almost anything I could get my hands on from Medical text books to Shakespeare to Alistair MacLean. I would peruse the local library, but most of the books I read were ones I found at home.

I've often wished that my parents would have had more classics on the shelves. The classics that are sited time and time again by professors, by lecturers and by insightful people everywhere.

While I don't yet know if my kids are going to be voracious readers, I've decided that I am going to at least make it possible for them to be if they so choose. In that vein, I've been stopping at the local thrift store every month or so and picking up any classics I come across. They are usually priced $0.50 or $1 for a paperback, $2 to $4 for a hardback. The average price comes out to about $1.00 per book.

JD over at the Get Rich Slowly blog is usually against buying more books than you will actually read, but I see these as an investment. If having lots of good books around increases the chance that my children will enjoy culture and a love reading, I'll make that investment and take the risk.

And just maybe I'll learn to enjoy reading again.


Brack said...

If you have books that you don't want, another good way to buid your collection is through and

Shawn said...

I think this is a great idea -- and had at one point been blogging about books I"m keeping around for my girls. This includes classics, but current fiction that I think will be classic one day. I hadn't thought about the ease a shelf of books makes for readers ... good point!