Friday, May 16, 2008

Background: An overview of our current accounts

We have several accounts which we use to our benefit. Our main bank is the local credit union. Their service is excellent, and their rates are good. The real benefit for us though is the one-stop web page where we can manage (almost) all our accounts at once.

Our accounts at the credit union, their balances [amount] and the interest they earn (interest%,APY%):

  1. Savings Account [$0], (0.797%, 0.80%)
  2. Money Market Account [$2,308.40], (1.144%/1.15%)
  3. Checking Account [$765.02], (0%,0%)
  4. CD [$6,051.83], (3.057 %3.10 %)
  5. Credit Card [$1,671.80], (11%?)
We also have an account at Wells Fargo. We keep it open only because the credit card there has been open for about three years longer than our other credit card, and we don't want to jeopardize our credit score till we've secured our house loan. Our accounts at Wells Fargo:
  1. Checking Account [$100.08], (0%,0%)
  2. Credit Card [$0],(21%?)
Other money we have includes about $150 in super emergency cash tucked away at home, a couple of savings bonds in our children's names and a plastic pig full of change.

You may have noticed that in the previous post I said we don't carry a balance on our credit card, yet there are over $1500 of charges on it at the moment.

On Tuesday I'll go over our current financial strategy and show you why.

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