Monday, May 26, 2008

Expensive Free Stuff

Once in a while you'll get hit with a present that costs money. Dogs are the classic example, and jokes abound about the price of 'free puppies'.

I just graduated, and was given a very nice $400 suit from my inlaws. A new suit though meant that I needed shoes that matched, which I didn't own.

So, last week we went and got some new shoes so that I can wear my suit to a job interview I hope to have next week. I ended up buying a pair of Rockport Wingtip shoes. That set us back $90 which we weren't expecting to spend this month.

On the up side, I now look super sharp (losing 20 pounds had an adverse affect on how my old suit fit), and I feel very confident walking into the interview next week. I also have a $380 net gain.

On the down side, a net gain doesn't help me much financially. It's something I wouldn't have bought myself, and it's not something I will ever derive direct financial value from. Granted, if I can get a higher salary at my new job, it will have had an effect, however my old suit may have been up to the task as well.


You may question my buying Rockports for $90 when there were other nice looking shoes in the $40-$60 range. The last pair of shoes I bought was a $50 pair of nice leather non-Rockport shoes. They lasted a week before the sole split from the uppers.

My last pair of rockports I got in 9th grade and I still have them and wear them. Even though there's not hope for them for formal use, they've held up superbly and I wear them to work.

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