Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Moneythly Report : June / July

I'm going to start a monthly money report on the state of our finances. Each month I'll post how we did for the month (charts and category breakouts) and post our budget for the upcoming month. In future months I'll post budgeted vs. actual expenses as well.

June Report

The huge recreation fee is where we went to visit my nearing senile Grandpa-in-law. His girlfriend thought that he'd paid for the hotel for us, but we ended up having to pay for it. She had tried to be nice and put us up in the nicest hotel in town too. While we were there they probably gave us that much in camping gear, so it kind of evens out anyways I suppose. It's still a huge chunk of unexpected expenses.

July 1st Assets and Liabilities

Here 'Due' means when it starts charging interest.

ING Savings: $3891.11
ING Checking: $424.24
Credit Union Savings: $5.00
Credit Union Checking: $123.18
Credit Union Money Market: $0.14
Credit Union CD: $6,082.79
Credit Union Credit Card: -$1,145.14 (Due July 25)
Big Bank Checking: $100.08
Big Bank Credit Card: $0
401K Vested Value: $1,254.30
Student Loan: -$6075 (Due June 2009)
Car Loan: -$15,580 (0% interest. We start payments in November [$380/month]).

July Budget

Green is income or remaining positive balance. Salmon is variable expenses, red is fixed cost expenses.

We should actually save a good deal more than the $390 listed above. We have roughly $900 coming in to our account in the next few days as we cash a check and get the reembursements for child care expenses (via. our flex spending account)

You'll note the $0 on groceries. We are using our grocery gift cards and are planning to not spend any grocery money beyond the gift cards.


GM said...

You may have mentioned this in another post, but why do you experience such high medical costs?

Rich said...

We had a kid in April with an emergency C-section. It took about six weeks for the insurance part of the payments to go through, and now it's time for our portion of the payments.

We already used up the $2000 we had through our flex spend account, so now everything is coming from our savings.

We also went to the dentist today and knew we would probably have cavities (we did, 4 of them). With our dental insurance our copay will come out to about $100 total for the two of us.