Tuesday, September 16, 2008

200 Pounds

For anyone who's still following this blog, I reached my goal of weighing 200 pounds today. The spurt of weight loss was mostly caused by some sort of sickness. My throat has been too sore to swallow much for the last three days, and for the three days before that I had a high fever and no appetite.

Still, that's 40 pounds lost in 9 1/2 months. That's approximately 38 weeks, so just over a pound a week. That doesn't seem too extreme does it?

Now I just need to hold myself to my new weight till New Years.


Financially we're still budgeting and saving. We've kind of hit the planes of persistence, where nothing exciting happens. We're happy to have our finances under control, but that means that I'm not actively learning new things about money. And that means I won't be updating this blog again.

Thanks for reading!

The End

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